Humility is NOT equal to submissive/insecure


Quite the opposite.


See, humble people are confident and competent in THEMSELVES.

They seek to help others.

They let their actions speak for their ideals.

Humble individuals actively listen to others before summarizing the conversation and do not try to dominate the conversation or talk over people.

It is easy to listen to your own ego, to constantly have two voices in your head: one voice to tell you how oddly and specifically special you are, and one voice to tell you that you are not living up to your own value, which is the definition of being self-loathing. People looking back at the past thinking they could have done better is an arrogant thought, for if they could have done better, they would have done so. There is no benefit in that thought though. There are only benefits when we know we can do better in the future and follow up on that thought.

If you are humble, neither praise nor disgrace will touch you, because you know WHAT and WHO you are. <--This right here is a little golden nugget for achieving true happiness, peeps!


Leaders are more powerful when they are humble 😊

Humbleness is a sign of STRENGTH



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