Our word for the last week of February.

Discipline: a training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. 

We all want to get rid of that to-do list, learn how to do a cartwheel, cook a new recipe, get better grades, and in our case, to kick higher (tee hee). But behind those goals, there has to be a crucial method: DISCIPLINE.

Why is it so important?

Discipline helps us be productive even when we don't feel like it, without temptation or laziness getting in the way. It empowers us to live our lives the way we ideally want to. With discipline comes the formation of better habits, which lead to stronger school grades, improved mood, improved eating choices... you name it!

No one has discipline 100% time, especially when starting from zero. Here are three big small tips that will make the difference and help you grow to love the process:

1. Start small. Then slowly ramp it up! Keep challenging yourself incrementally.

2. As famous Brazilian soccer player Pelé said: "everything is practice." Practice, practice, practice!

3. It might not be our idea of fun, but the sense of accomplishment is amazingly rewarding.


How do you practice your self-discipline daily?

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